​​Fibers and Cellulosic Crops

Division Chair:       Efthymia Alexopoulou 

                                 Centre for Renewable Energy

                                      Sources and Saving (CRES)

                                 19th km Marathonos Avenue

                                 19009, Pikermi, Greece

                                 Email: ealex@cres.gr

Scope of the Division:

The scope of the division is to conduct research and/or develop procedures/techniques associated with utilizing fiber and cellulosic crops in support of varied industries.  The members of the division work in various disciplines, including germplasm development, cultivation, agronomic practices, industrial processing, and marketing. The chemical, physical, and biological properties of fiber and cellulosic crops are defined and documented. Biotechnological approaches to crop improvement and product utilization are studied. Research performed ranges from fundamental mechanisms to support of product commercialization.

Fibers include any biological material that is a continuous filament or discrete elongated piece.  Fibers and Cellulosic research encompasses the development, production, processing, and utilization of biological fibers and cellulosic materials in the production of products and/or energy.  Research is designed to promote agriculture, enhance rural economic development and find alternatives to petroleum-based products.

Crops and processes researched by the members of the division include a wide array of plant species and their derived products. The disciplines of the division members are as diverse as the crops they study.

Crops Investigated:

Hemp (Sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea)
Biomass Residuals (bagasses, stovers, waste streams from agricultural processing facilities)