General Crops and Products

Division Chair:      Ana Luisa Fernando
                                Department of Science and Technology of Biomass (DCTB)

                                New University of Lisbon, Caparica, Portugal

                                Phone/Fax: +351212948543


Scope of the Division:

The general crops and products division includes production research as well as the developing of procedures/techniques associated with utilizing these crops in support of varied industries including the biofuel industry. The members of the division work in various disciplines, including agronomic practices, industrial processing, and marketing.

The general crops and products division includes diverse crop species such as cover crops, pulse crops, pseudocereals, and forage or biomass crops used for bioenergy.  Also includes the use of agricultural residues for bioproducts development.

Crops Investigated:

Sweet sorghum and forage sorghum
Alternative pulse crops
Cover crops
Pear millet

Division member links and research programs:

North Dakota State University -Forage and biomass crop production
Oregon State University
Western Illinois University - Pennycress Resource Network
USDA-ARS Crop Genetics and Breeding Research Unit Tifton, GA