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Volunteer or submit your nominations for the following committees! Take an active interest in the leadership and direction of our society! 

Membership Development and Publicity Committee – develop strategies and materials to increase membership in the Association, issue dues notifications and official election ballots, maintain records of membership, and carry out membership surveys as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors. Members shall be the Secretary (chair), and up to four at-large-members (two-year terms), selected by the Secretary from those individuals nominated by the Divisions.

Long Range Planning Committee - consider and recommend to the Board of Directors actions and activities relating to the function and continued growth of the Association. Members shall be the President-elect (chair), the President, the Past-President, and up to four at-large members (two-year terms) selected by the President-Elect from those individuals nominated by the Divisions.

Submit your nominations to the current AAIC Past-President: 

Dr. Jim Todd
Simcoe Resource Centre
1283 Blueline Road, Box 587
Simcoe, ON N3Y 4N5 Canada
Phone: 519-426-3823
E-mail: jim.todd@ontario.ca