Submit Your Nominations for New AAIC Officers!

Take an active interest in the leadership and direction of our society! Please submit your nominations for the leadership positions that are up for election this year. We will be electing a new President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary. Nominations will be accepted until June 30, 2017, then electronic voting will commence. Election results will be announced at the Annual AAICConference.

Role of the President-Elect:  Serve as under­study to the President, serve as President in the President's absence, serve as chair of the Long Range Planning Committee, and as a member of the program and local arrangements committee for the Annual Conference at which he/she will be serving as president.   As President the following year– preside over the Board of Directors and Annual Business Meetings, and provide leadership to the Association, compiles a report on the status of the Association upon assuming the office of past president, containing: list of board members; current by-laws; committee reports; secretary, treasurer, and editor reports (including newsletters); audit com­mittee reports; Annual Meeting reports, and other official docu­mentation. Serve as member of the Long Range Planning Committee. (need nominations for 2017)

Role of the Treasurer: Keep the financial records of the Association and send annual dues notices in (January of each year) the beginning of the fiscal year, file necessary documents to comply with non-profit status for the Association.

Role of the Secretary: Keep an official record of all minutes of the Board of Directors and Annual Business Meetings, conduct a mail ballot for election of officers and for amendments to the Bylaws, file the required corporation reports, solicit annual reports from all Association Committees and Divisions, function as a parliamen­tarian at the Annual Business Meeting, and serve as chair of the Membership Development and Publicity Committee. (need nominations for 2017)

Submit your nominations to the current AAIC Past-President: 

Dr. Marisol Berti
Loftsgard Hall 270A
North Dakota State University 
N. Bolley Dr. Fargo, ND 58102
Phone: (701) 231-6110